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God does not need worshipping; people do.

I do not believe that God is either "He" or "She" or that God can be angry or pleased by anything we do or don't do. I do not believe God is a limited humanoid spiritual being sitting high up in the skies waiting to pass judgements or give rewards. I do not believe in fear from punishment, in primal sin or a judgement day. I do not need self-appointed interpreters of the living spirit inside me.
I simply believe that God IS. I don't need or ask for a proof. This existing spirit of life reveals itself in the smallest of things as well as in the largest. God does not differentiate, or discriminate on the basis of limited human criteria. God does not have preferences or favourites. God can not be described by words. The least we can hope for is to be able to feel God's presence within and without.

For me a religious feeling is standing on the top of the mountain or smelling the jasmine
bush in blossom, seeing the mist over the lake or hearing the nightingale sing.
My church is Nature. And I can't think of any more beautiful or more appropriate for religious feelings.

It seems that Pantheists feel the same. These words seem to be true for them and the
feelings they convey had been true for me even before I heard about Pantheism. Here is
what they say and what I have been feeling all my life to be true within my heart:

Pantheism fosters a mind that:
  • accepts the world,
  • is alert to vibrant reality,
  • in touch with the senses,
  • receptive to the energy of the body and the universe,
  • fully awake to nature,
  • open to new knowledge,
  • responsive to the beauty of the natural world.
Pantheism fosters a mind that accepts
  • life, the body, and the self
  • a mind that is not tormented by guilt about original sin or inability to be a martyr;
  • a mind that is free of anxiety about death or the possibility of eternal punishment beyond death.

    Pantheism fosters a sane and whole mind that respects reason and evidence, a mind that will not accept key beliefs without rational basis, on the claims of ancient scripture or the assertion of gurus.

Pantheism demands no faith in impossible events and secret revelations.

Pantheism satisfies our need to revere something greater than ourselves,
yet it never turns its back on the earth, and never departs from the evidence before us.
Pantheism fuses religion and science, matter and spirit.

Very often people listen but do not hear, look but do not see, cry but do not feel, suffer but do not learn. To believe is to be open towards the unknown, the incomprehensible, the mysterious. It is acceptance of being a part of a larger reality. It is an understanding that life is One and indivisible. Every piece of the puzzle is irrepaceable in the great scheme of Life. I believe that those who think that human beings have precedence over other living creatures show misunderstanding, ignorance and harmful self-important attitude which lead to global destruction of the world and its inhabitants. Since we are just one link in the chain of life, destroying others we inevitably and irrevocably destroy ourselves.

If you feel as a part of Nature instead of Her master/mistress, please follow this LINK.

Some of the books which reflect my thoughts and feelings the best are:

Paul Holbach: "The Naked Christianity"
Edgar Moren: "The Man and The Death"
Allan Watts: "The Way of Zen"

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