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People's interference with Nature is based on the self-important attitude or belief that people are the most important species on Earth and in the Universe. But Nature does not differentiate between its creatures. Only human beings do bringing destruction out of vanity, sports, entertainment or for destruction sake alone. Now is the time to make a positive difference, to stop pollution, irresponsible resource consumption, sport hunting and devastation of natural habitats. Share the only planet we have with those who, like ourselves, have no other home !

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Do you know that 3 critically endangered species in the world today are:


Do you know there are only 650 mountain gorillas left in the world?
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Do you know which plants and trees are on the red list of the most threatened?

World Conservation Monitoring Center - INFORM YOURSELF !

The Living Planet Campaign is about saving the
"Web of Life" for future generations by:

  • saving endangered species
  • saving representative treasures of nature
  • changing human patterns of resource consumptions

    Learn how to MAKE A DIFFERENCE !

Endangered means there is still time !
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We must change the self-delussional belief that we are the masters of the planet which we share with millions of species. Destroying, polluting, devastating natural habitats of animals, killing them for furs and trophies, torturing them unnecessarily for cosmetic research, cutting down forests, dumping chemical waist into the soil, disregarding global warming and holes in ozone layers are ways of cutting the branch on which we all sit. Warnings are not the signs of hysteria or boring speech. They are the last call !

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The Nature Conservancy

Nature - international weekly journal of science


National Geographic

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