When I was young Nature was spiders and bugs that couldn`t wait to get under my clothes,
insects that attacked from the ambush to bite, curly weed and troublesome roots that put
themselves on my way to make me stumble and other nuisance that seemed so unfriendly,
even hostile. To think about Nature in those days, was to think about extreme boredom.
I woke up to the wonders of Nature only three years ago. Before that, I had been wasting a
ot of time preoccupied with trivialities we call "everyday living". I feel as if I had been dead
and woke up to life when I became able to appreciate Nature.

Waterfalls pictures

Why do people feel they are above Nature and not a part of it?

Although we know by now that there are billions of stars in the Universe,
although we must be aware that we can`t be the only intelligent life in the
Universe, we still delude ourselves that the Earth is the center of the universe
and that we are god`s favorite children.

The majority of people still believes that the entire Universe came into existence
with only one intention: to create a human being as the crown (and the end?) of
the entire creative process. Wherefrom springs such a self-important attitude?

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I love mountains.
I love hiking.
I love trees.
I love animals.

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