m a r i g o l d


I am my past and
my dreams of future.
Everything that I was
today I see.
What led me here,
future was back then,
what I feel now
soon the past will be.
Is there any me
apart from hope
that in tomorrow
wait the things
I missed yesterday
in painful sorrow?
Now are just moments
that the past become
when mind repents
for the things undone.


Where the sea whispers
Hear my Voice,
Where the rains fall
Taste my Tears
Where the thunder storms
Bear my Fears.

Wherever you look,
Whatever you see,
Whenever you feel
the Joy,
the Pain,
the Sorrow,
Beware !
They carry my name.
I gave them birth
and was born by them.
I am the parent
and the child
I am the queen
and the maid
I am the change
and the same
I am
I am not.
I live in your dreams,
In your silence,
In your screams.
I am filled by you
And I fill your senses
With the whispering seas
And storming thunders.
A Destroyer of Fences !
Surrender !


In a moment of time
Life is born,
a spark sublime,
a hope forlorn.
One second can mean
the difference between
Reality and Dream.

On my open palms
Untroddne roads.
A lifetime dispersed
In a curse of Universe.

Weak from the spell,
Pushing the gate
I start to rebel
Against unknown,
Yet forboden Fate.

If I close my hand
will the hour-glass
obstruct the pass
and stop the sand?