The mirror of my words,
reflects the Heart
of a distant Dreamer
a Redeemer of my Soul.

Doubts awake
To shake
the Heart
and start
the Path
of Unreturn.

The Mind will try
to deny
the Kingdom of the Heart
but the Heart will sigh
and Deny
a Prison of the Reason.

A Dream broken by the Light
The heartbeat deafening the Ear
a sudden Thought
obscured my Sight
the Distance is conquered
you are near.

To die with a sigh
of the last good bye
Just cease to exist
in a Mist
of the morning breeze
with Ease.


Ellensburg, WA, USA


Somewhere along the tracks you wake up and realize
you were never really asleep
as much as
eyes locked shut.
And then you are faced
with the sad
sudden choice of
either going on aware,
or closing
your lids again
and feigning ignorance.


They race along a great, grey sea
powering above clouds.
Large curvature of the earth can be seen
in their titanic cliff edged sides.
They soar
Everywhere, anywhere,
maybe even anywhen.
The physical appearance is nothing.
It's about going, being in motion.
They are as pure to movement
as waterfalls,
as falling,
as the wind on which they sail.
And it's not even on the wing
they perform their greatest flights;
but in their reaching,
quiet minds.

Garrettsville, OH, USA

I fear Britteny has stolen the gold from the large trees this autumn, like a fairy in the night. Her embrace has enchanted them
and tempted their color to dim
in the light of her innocent child's heart.
She wonders among them so small and frail,
her eyes challenging the sky to a duel
for the love of the sun,
and I fear she has won.
I fear she has stolen their hearts,
for they sing to her as she walks by.
Her tinny legs searching for a path
that no cold adult could hope to find
- a song older than mature minds can comprehend.
I fear she has stolen, what we gave away.

For a Time

I thought I saw him today,
Dancing in the puddles of rain
His face was mirrored
in the muddy water
and then again tilted to the sky.
Arms open wide he would spin,
Round and Round and Round,
splitting the downpour with his innocence.
He danced before the trees,
seeming of water color affront the wet-deep green
of the forest at dusk.
For a time he danced for me,
For a time
I loved the rain.



I gazed in stupor at your beauty
A rose without thorns Laid in reverence At my dilapidated doors.
I moved the chess pieces In awry glee
But still I found, relentlessly It was not me.
I looked for tomorrow steeped in midnight wine
When all you ever wanted Was a piece of my time.
Even though the distant drums May not yet sound,
I will wait, wondering Until you are found.
So let the world think What it mistakenly may
My time is yours forever and a day.
If yesterdays were eternal I would live in the past,
And let my heart speak For my lips at last.

Illusion and Reality

Illusion and reality Swing in circles of time Leave the laughter to the fools They shall not be mine.

I touch your face in dreams And mumbling the silent screams The new day dawns Streaming the skies with golden beams.

The tired sand sifts As the lonely waves crash ashore Beating their hearts as penance For cracks on the rocky door.

I caress the gilded tresses in tear For the stark portraits are painted in an artist’s fear. And yet, your sweet smile lights up the darkened morn.

The frames of life forlorn Flood across the mind. Floored in disbelieves, Lighting hollow hallways with hearts painted on sleeves.

I touch your gilded hair with sighs and your reflection dances opening my blinded eyes.

Darkness split in two

The darkness split in two, Caressed in the warmth of greeting The number lies naked for us to see. And the careless clowns of yesterday Shake their chains of bondage And say, again, they are free.

Who am I to change the minds Stooped in illusions of love and hate? My voice rang out and echoed back In pages of yesterday's memories. Only one heard and only one cared Enough to shine in the black.

Leave the autumn leaves, once gold As they fall to carpets of brown. Barest limbs circle around to green 'Twas there I heard the whispered voice Among the din of raucous laughs, The prettiest sound I have ever seen.

I see you now as I saw you then The carousel of time stands still. And your tears of pearls my hand fulfill. Somewhere in stories that were told Unfold the madness of mistaken sea, The seashell and the turtle stand, As together as they’ll always be.

Conroe, Texas


When we are both gone who will doubt? Those who read always believe what the dead have said.

Then I will write I saw you tonight and we walked again on moonlit sand that the breeze blanketed us with its long velvet fingers

but this night we drank wild nectar from each other's thirst went beyond boundaries of blended flesh with the abandonment of lovers in a ship drifting to tide and wind.

Then every time I read this page like the reader of tomorrow I will summon sea spray kindle the night and I will live the illusion while shimmering waves lick the evening shadows away.


Our spirits touch in dimensions beyond my comprehension.

Yours guides mine into hidden realms into sacred spaces where poetry shapes itself before happening.

I am only another gatherer. Amnesic perplexed at inception but with the feel of you vibrant racing through bright fields of wild flowers.


The needs I allow myself are few, thoughts expounded a little corner of your soul.

You sit across the globe, across the miles in a world I can not penetrate or perceive for I am blind, fumbling< in absence of light.

Yet seated at a kingly throne, all knowing, you hold my world rigidly in reflective hands.

Oh that I could reach, fingertips outstretched feel, filter into your contained essence.

If I could touch love, hold the power to spark and liberate the flame that feeds your soul.

But I am sightless, groping and chilled to the marrow -- bound in foggy mist.

In need of thoughts expounded, in need of understanding. I stand reluctantly in absence of light.


Kathy's WEB PAGE

You showed me my hunger brought it to life with the exquisite pain of love.

You turned my cool blood into a churning river embracing the lie of nothing is too much.

Not even this hunger. Not even this love. Not even this passion, this drowning together in the swirling madness of too many dark years, too much emotional famine.

It is a pain so exquisite we forget the scars, the buried wounds, the impossible future.

We drink each other, feast on our despair, turn our longing into love, part clinging in the night.

We are caught in the promise of next time.

Winter Snows

Winter snows cover the meadow and hide
Grasses bent from bodies once wrapped in sighs.
Against the cooling fire of night skies,
Passion shaped language from sorcery's hand.

Through the skin came lessons to understand:
Not all which is felt has words to describe
Truth's soft, wet skin as it speaks from inside.

The hidden meanings love did deliver
Under that snow, passion like a river
Pushed fast toward a dream beyond reach to keep.

Those grasses were bent from a love so deep
The snow's uneven lines drew the embrace;
Blown by the wind, softened by a faint trace,
Two bodies gently entwined in the snow.