Dogs should be shot on sight

I happen to know a lady named Marianna. Although she lives without a husband and has
no children or relatives, she's happy. Lady Marianna has a dog. In fact, she has some
kind of a dirty good-for-nothing beast. However, she loves him. She serves him meat five
times a day. In addition to that, she sings to him every time he seems to be sad. She gives
him all her love. "That lucky dog must be grateful", I hear you say. But, you are wrong.

The other day the dog escaped with a neigbour's bitch. Just imagine that! Poor old lady
Marianna was sad to look at. She only said: "My life is dreary. My dog escaped". She said:
"I am aweary, aweary. I wish that I were dead." This is just one example of dog's
ungreatfulness. Men feed them, play with them, give them all they have, yet dogs
don't respect that.

Dogs are a great problem for us. Actually the greatest we've ever had. Dogs are making
the streets dirty. One can see a lot of shit in the streets nowadays. Dogs don't choose
a place where to piss. The streets are wet all the time. What's more, they are attacking us
whenever they see us. They obviously hate us. They attack us in the streets and also
in the parks. Just think of an old man who said: "Hush, I percieve there is a dog in the
bush!" When we asked:"Is it small? , he replied " Not at all!" He is twice as big as the bush!!!
Those big heary beasts are a constant danger for us. Therefore I think that they should
be shot on sight. This is the state of emergency. They grow bigger and bigger. They
cost more and more. They are mean, cruel, rude, selfish and ugly. Only dead dog is a
good dog.

On the other hand, we, CATS, are nice little animals. We're wry gentle and faithful. We only
ask for a lbottle of milk a day, nothing more. We love you, even. Get rid of those dirty
creatures and we'll love you more and more and more and more.....

Disclaimer: The story is a personal opinion of a cat. One cat. Any similarity with opinions
other cats may have is purely coincidental.