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Runrig is a Scottish Rock/Folk group. Their music is a delightful blend of folk, rock,
and traditional Gaelic music. A lot of their songs' lyrics are in Gaelic.

I`ve read somewhere that one can only hear the music that is already in one`s heart.
That must be true, because the very Runrig`s music is closer to my heart than the folk
music of my own people. But the question that keeps playing in my head is: how is that
possible? How can a totally incomprehensible language and tunes feel like home?
Why don`t I feel the music of my own ancestors and feel them as mine? It isn`t a spite
or defiance, it is a feeling of belonging somewhere else. The question is, where this
longing comes from?


You can talk the tongue of angels
You can walk the thin white line
Raid your hearts imaginations
Let your thoughts live and run wild
But now all I see is the station
And the boats with the sun in their wake
Looking out on Scalpay dawning
And you drenched in the rain of grace.

Walked down the pier road to the deep sea
It was a long confused embrace
But I have seen an awesome beauty
I`ve seen the tears turn to wine on your face
And I wondered and I trembled
As you held me so close in your arms
With a love that held more learning
Than I could ever understand

I crossed the big years and the waters
For a new and happy land
Trading all that fire of living
For the fickle and the bland
Now I know that there`s nothing
Can evermore put worth in your time
If the spirit never woos
Or moves your paths divine

Grass grows tall in the dream fields
But after all is said and done
The only thing that ever matters
Is to love and to be loved.

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