...Life is like a game of cards. The hand that is dealt you represents determinism; the way you play it is free will.... Jawaharial Nehru

For all of you who must discover
For all who seek to understand
For having left the path of others
You'll find a very special hand.

Jimmy McCarthy

By escape into the mass, one loses one`s most intrinsic quality, RESPONSIBILITY. As soon as we begin to act as if we were a mere part of the whole, and as if only this whole counts, we can enjoy the sensation of throwing off some of the burden of our responsibility. This tendency to flee from responsibility is the motif of all collectivism. True community is in essence the community of responsible persons, mere mass is the sum of depersonalized entities.

Victor E. Frankl

Our destinies are UNEXCHANGEABLE !
How we live our lives is entirely our own RESPONSIBILITY !

With one`s own destiny each one of us stands alone in the entire cosmos. No one else has the same potentials as any of us, nor will any of us ourselves be given them again. The opportunities that come our way for the actualization of creative or experiential values, all are unique and singular.Ultimately, we should not ask what the meaning of our life is, but rather we must recognize that there are WE who are asked. In a word, each one of us is questioned by the life; and we can only answer to life by answering for our own lives, to life we can only respond by being responsible.

In the moral sphere the collective point of view leads to the idea of collective guilt. People are made responsible for something they are not actually responsible for. In judging, the person who judges evades the responsibility for his judgement. Of course it is ever so much more facile to evaluate or devaluate races wholesale, rather than rank every individual human being in one of the two morally relevant races to which all people belong, the race of the decent and the race of the rotten.
Neurotic fatalists, impressed by the ideas of individual psychology, are prone to blame childhood educational and environmental influences for making them what they are and having determined their destinies. These persons are attempting to excuse their weaknesses of character. They accept these weaknesses as given facts, instead of seeing that having had such unfortunate early influences only makes it more incumbent upon them to practice self-restraint and seek to school themselves differently. Neurotic fatalism is only another disguised form of escape from responsibility; the neurotic fatalist is betraying his uniqueness and singularity when he seeks refuge in typicality and courses the unalterable destiny of belonging to a type.

To be human means not only to be different,
but also to be able to become different; that is to change.

After these extraordinary words by Viktor E.Frankl, which, I hope, gave you something to think about in regards to your own life, here are the links to some of the most creative women's pages I`ve seen on the Net so far. I chose them because they show the creative INDIVIDUALITY of their designers. Having taken some pride in my own pages and their contents, I included a link to my poetry page as well. My pages change as I grow.

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