My home town has a long history, NINE CENTURIES LONG !
I am not that old, but I was born here and I`ve been living here all my life.
Zagreb`s streets, parks, buildings, corners, river Sava or Medvednica are a part of me.
The part I call my HOME.

900 years of ZAGREB
my home town

Where on Earth is Zagreb, you wonder !

Zagreb is the capital of Croatia.
I am sure that you`ve seen a lot of news coverage of the war,
but Croatia is much more than terrifying pictures. It is a country of unique beauty.
Please, put aside your prejudice, fear of the unknown and different, and follow the links
to some of the most beautiful sights you`ve ever seen. Learn something about the country
far away from your own and become aware of universal truth, that beauty has no borders.


Plitvice waterfalls


Croatia Airlines
Croatia Railways
Zagreb Airport
Bus terminal

Take a virtual trip through Croatia


National parks

1000 islands


PULA - Istria

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