Over the years I've been lucky to meet many wonderful people on the Net of whom many have become my friends. This page is a small token of appreciation and gratitude for the joy they've brought into my life. All those who have their own URLs will be listed here and to those who haven't got one yet, I want to say "thank you for being a part of my life !"

  • kathy is a poet, a writer, a web publisher; a truly supportive friend; find out more on her wonderful pages NIGHT PEOPLE

  • tina is my heroine, a single mother homeschooling her 4 kids, a farm to take care of with all the livestock, publisher of midwives' newletter, an avid reader, an intelligent, warmhearted, honest person; she still has time to learn "html" and as of recent has her own web page. Stop by TINA'S PAGE

  • sandra is a painter and a  mother; her inspired paintings are available in her on-line gallery SANDRA'S PAGE

  • kate embodies strength, creativity and vision; a truly inspirational personality in her A CHARMING AMBIANCE

  • andreja is a true artist, original, creative, imaginative, dedicated and involved; she uses the Internet as a tool in her art; make sure to check EMBRYO - CLOSED REALITY

  • mary is the bravest person I've ever known, a fighter and an artist; her extraordinary work of art, her love for Disneyworld, and much much more you can find at her PANSHOPHIST

  • jenny offers professional help if you are an aspiring writer; some of the best on-line resources for writers; click on JACQUI BENNETT WRITERS BUREAU

  • walt is Professor of Archaeology, Director Of International And Gifted Programs for the Southern Lehigh School District Center Valley,  teacher of Russian, Chinese, Japanese and Sociology,Teacher Astronaut, one of five outstanding educators nationally for the year 1989,  Teacher Of The Year - Association For Supervision And Curriculum Development Mentor for research team in national technology / education project (22 mentors nationally)...and much more. But, above all he is a wonderful person and a loving friend. See him at: WALT TREMER'S PAGE

...with sincere thanks to all the others without urls...(yet (:o)...


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