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c r e a t i v i t y

Having surfed the Net I've come across many sites which offer awards for web page design & content. Although I find the idea of giving and receiving awards friendly & stimulating, I have often been disappointed with at least one among the following things:

lack of any imagination or creativity in the design of the awards themselves
the fact that many sites have been awarded so many times that their owners were compelled to create several separate pages to put them on
the fact that many awarded sites were more or less unimaginative and had no original contents
it seemed as if the awards had been given for the sole purpose of being a link to the site of the award owner

I've decided to create my own Award for Creativity. I accept recommendations and nominations, but the mere application does not necessarily mean that the site will be rewarded. I love many pages and find them interesting or attractive, but the Award will be given only to the sites I find original and imaginative, either in content or the design.

The official title of my award, as shown at the top of the pages, is:
and has been made out in black and white version

If your pages will win the award, it shall be sent by e-mail as an attached gif. file with a short note of appreciation. There will be no obligation to put a link to my pages, although it would be appreciated.

Please, fill in the form:

Your Name:

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Web Page URL you recommend
for the Crow's Nest Award:

Recommended Web Page Name:

Thank you ! Your recommendation will be viewed and in case the recommended URL gets the Crow's Nest Award for Creativity, you will be notified by e-mail.

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