The lady who fools herself to be my mistress asked me to be the host to this
page and since she IS the one who provides cookies and walkies, I gave her
my consenting woof. Why would she want to use my tone of voice for HER
ideas is beyond me, but since I`m not losing anything and she thinks she
will gain something, I have nothing against it. Besides, this way
I`ll hold her in debt, meaning more cookies for me
and that is the aim that justifies any means.

There are some important and some funny stuff on this page. If you are not interested in
important stuff, like who I am, then proceed to the list on the main menu. Those who do
realize that there is nothing more important in this world than my humble self, scroll down
and find some interesting and useful information about house pets with my personal touch of humor.

I am the good looking AMERICAN COCKER SPANIEL
on the cutest dog's portrait you've ever seen.

I`m 12 years old, a long time since I was a PUPPY.

They named me ARI. I usually respond in a manner they understand as if being eager
to hear what they have to say. My cute, black and white doggy face has an expression
of genuine interest. It makes humans happy and I know, if they called my name, I`ll get a
cookie or go for a walk or get scratched, so I see no harm in a game that 's fun for everyone.

"They" are my mistress
and my master.
She is the one who does "dirty" jobs like taking me

  • to the vet (I hate even the word),
  • or bathing me ( I hate every drop),
  • giving me medicine (which I hate to remember)

  • He is the one who gives me
  • food (what I like the MOST),
  • takes me for a walk (what I like the MOST too),
  • and gets crazy over "who's gonna catch the ball"
  • game we usually play jumping all over the floor.

I am considered to be a HOUSE PET.
Being a PET means you
  • get fed,
  • played with,
  • taken for walks,
  • kissed all the time,
  • taken care of
and all you have to do to deserve that is
  • to wag your tail,
  • bark when they come home from work,
  • sit down on your tooshy
  • and look cute.
I am good at all of it, and I am getting better with age.

A few words about :
animated cat In short, I do not bother them, they do not bother me !
When they run away, I chase them, when they dare to face me,
I haven`t seen them anyway.

Read an inspiring story. Contribution of ZS.


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