At the opposite sides of the seesaw debate whether abortion should be illegal or not, sit the promoters of the law on one side and the fighters for the freedom of choice on another. In all of the various media presentation of this burning issue, in all the interviews and the public display of opinions, one fact stands prominently in the foreground: the promoters of the law against abortion use always the one and the same trap in which the defenders of the freedom of choice always get caught.

The "life saviors" successfully present those who defend the FREEDOM OF CHOICE as godless people without morality, without any feelings towards the future generations, without respect for life and merciless towards the innocent and the defenseless. They are so good at their attacks that they do raise doubts in many of those who maybe haven`t yet chosen their side in this matter or never bothered to get informed. Why? Because, everybody asks him/herself a question: "What kind of a human being am I, if I stand for something so cruel and inhuman as the murder of the child?" It sounds horrible, doesn't it? I am sure that nobody wishes to be identified with the heartless creature who "kills innocent blue-eyed angels". That is exactly the content of the trap which those who fight for the freedom of choice should carefully avoid. They must expose the promoters of the law and their attacks for what they really stand for.

People who are trying to defend the right to choose should emphasize over and over again the basic truth of their fight: to be against the law which will make abortion illegal is NOT the SAME as to be FOR the abortion. Insisting on this starting point as the foundation they will neutralize the promoters of the law and the basis for their vicious verbal or even physical attacks.

The insistence on dignified life, life worthy of a human being, socially protected and financially secure, well fed and healthy should be put forward by "pro-choice" movement as the tests on which "pro-life" members will fail to pass. Cause none of these are of any concern of theirs. They fight for an abstract notion, not for the facts of life.

The promoters of the law will always try to prove that an embryo or a fetus is a child (although it isn't yet), that fetus is an independent individual (although it isn't yet), that fetus should have the rights as any other person (although it isn't a person yet), etc. But in order to avoid the same trap and try to prove that abortion is not the stopping of life process (which it IS), the best would be to show openly the arguments and facts, pros and cons of the issue. No opinion is entirely positive or entirely negative. Both sides have arguments that speak for themselves. But, whether something should be supported or not is based on the consequences which can be foreseen or solutions which will lead to the diminishing of the negative effects as far as possible.

Let us discuss pros and cons to the abortion problem.

1. The promoters of the law claim:


The examples from the countries which had or have such laws showed the following results:

- the number of abortions in hospitals, i.e. in clean conditions under the professional supervision of trained medical personnel have decreased while the number of "back alley", illegally done abortions by untrained individuals have increased which led to a HIGHER DEATH RATE of women and serious DAMAGE to WOMEN`S HEALTH

- the number of abortions which desperate women did to themselves, has increased; YOUNG GIRLS with nobody to turn to for help have DAMAGED their health or crippled their bodies for the rest of their life

- the number of unwanted, abandoned, neglected and abused children have considerably increased

- the law showed DISCRIMINATION between those who had money and could afford abortion in a country where it wasn't illegal, and those who had no money

CONCLUSION: Expectations that the law which forbids abortion will make abortions disappear are totally unrealistic and consequently dangerous. The law will NOT prevent women from abortions. It will prevent them from having abortions under professional guidance and care so that they will be able to get pregnant later as the majority are planning to.



The method used in abortions is inhuman, unwanted and cruel. Not one woman enjoys abortion and it is no fun to have your womb thorn apart. Nobody deserves her private life to be publicly condemned, and her private habits subject of the conversation by strangers. The defenders of the law don`t hesitate to be offensive and show women who have abortions as individuals of loose morality who, sort of, "can't wait to have one". It is a cheap shot and used by those who have never or can never be in a situation to make such a choice.

CONCLUSION: Those who oppose the law are not FOR the abortion. They defend the right to have one if ALL OTHER OPTIONS are UNAVAILABLE or IMPOSSIBLE. It is the option of abortion that shouldn't be taken away as an ULTIMATE MEASURE if all the other methods of prevention fail. IT IS UPON THE SOCIETY TO ENSURE THAT ALL OTHER OPTIONS ARE AVAILABLE TO ALL.



CONTRACEPTION IS PREVENTION, abortion is not. Contraception is a part of PLANNED PARENTHOOD, abortion shouldn't be. Therefore the SOLUTIONS no pro-lifer ever talks about are:

-EDUCATION, systematically developed plans of educating future generations (or everybody who needs it) in regards to the adequate PROTECTION during the intercourse, emphasizing the RESPONSIBILITY of sexual activities which can create a new life instead of showing it as a sport, teaching that BOTH, MEN AND WOMEN are responsible for the possible consequences and that although abortion is an option, since it involves stopping a life process, it can NOT BE USED as a METHOD OF CONTRACEPTION. Education DOES NOT include shocking movies and disproportional pictures which only cause fear, anxiety and guilt.

- EASILY ACCESSIBLE CONTRACEPTIVES, adequate and cheap protection for both partners. How to use contraceptives must become a part of the basic education. Fighting sex taboos is a must. Taboos lead to ignorance and unnecessary destruction of life they pretend to be protecting.

CONCLUSION: The majority of the abortion law promoters publicly admit that they are against ANY contraceptive method. What they stand for, therefore, is not the protection of the unborn but denial of women`s RIGHTS, either to protect themselves from unwanted pregnancy or to abort. What they promote is women`s life with no options, but to get and stay pregnant. One doesn't need to be a genius to understand what it the true intent of these "lifesavers". The overall atmosphere the "pro-life" groups are creating insists on glorified images of the WOMAN-HOUSEWIFE, the WOMAN-MOTHER, the WOMAN who is FINANCIALLY DEPENDENT, the old ideal of "the barefoot and pregnant". Their GOAL is a comeback of total, patriarchal control over women.


Nice try! But....Except when woman's life is in danger, which can be proved by medical tests, the question to be asked and not ignored is how a woman can prove incest or rape? The whole procedure is planned in such a way that the woman who has been violated once, physically and psychologically abused and destroyed, will have to undergo the torture of examination and cross-examination about HER private and intimate life and habits. The last grain of self-respect and dignity, if she will have any left, will be taken away when she will be forced to justify herself in front of TOTAL STRANGERS and try to prove the rape or incestual rape. How many will be FORCED by the law to bear the pregnancy that is result of a life shattering experience? No, the conceived child is not guilty, but is it the woman-victim? How come that the victim is to be punished twice, three times for something a true criminal has done but got away with it?

CONCLUSION: Dignified life of a human being includes RIGHT to privacy and intimate part of life that is not to be either justified or analyzed by strangers. Besides, how will a married woman or a woman living with someone ever be able to prove rape resulting in pregnancy, although many experience this kind of violence from their spouses or partners? Some of them will have to be pregnant whenever their partners, who incline towards violence, will want them to be or will force them to sex and the law will approve. Wouldn`t that be a sexual discrimination legalized by the law?!


Embryo or fetus although alive is an evolving stage of a future human being who gains his/her rights the moment s/he is born INTO the world on which the notion of rights applies. A part of a woman's body is NOT and CAN NOT be the PROPERTY of the STATE, CHURCH, PARTY or HER PARTNER It is woman's body and she is the only authority to decide what she will do with it.

CONCLUSION: There is not one single law which applies to the parts of man's body or what he should or shouldn`t do with it. Therefore, any and every law that controls woman's body is a SEXUAL DISCRIMINATION.

The IRONY lies in a fact that the most vehement defenders of the law and even its ORIGINAL PROMOTERS are MEN, those members of human race who do not have any clue or possibility to understand what it means to get pregnant, to be pregnant, to give birth or to make a terrible decision to abort and live with it forever after. If those men or any other sincerely wish to stop abortion, maybe it wouldn`t be a bad idea they think about it before they commit themselves to unprotected or irresponsible sex.


Completely wrong. Childbearing will not be stimulated by making abortions illegal, but by providing the conditions where giving birth will not be a burden. The most advanced countries like the Benelux countries where abortion is legal showed that it ceased to be a method of planned parenthood because the economical conditions alone stimulate childbearing.

CONCLUSION: A WOMAN who is ECONOMICALLY PROTECTED, who can not lose her job because of pregnancy, who is during her pregnancy and after birth as a mother protected with her child through various social institutions regardless of her marital status, who has an easy access to cheap care for the child, who has an easy and unstigmatized access to the contraceptives she has been taught how to use; such a woman will use abortion in ultimate cases when all other options will be impossible, or will not even allow herself to come to the point to make such a choice if it will be within her power. Society must provide that power, not take it away !

FINALLY, those who are truly concerned about abortion causes and consequences, no matter what are they starting points, whether religious, political, moral or human beliefs, should work on finding solutions to each and every of the following stages. Instead of war cries, abortion clinic violence, attacks on those who do not share the same views, heated atmosphere which creates more enemies instead of finding the best solutions, here are a few points that both sides should think about and offer their contributions:

- high quality system of sexual education about contraceptive protection throughout the life
- overall media campaign in advertising contraceptives and their accessibility
- making adoption system simpler, enabling childless couples to adopt children from young girls or other women who can't keep them
- systematic and sufficient investments into the centers and institutions for abandoned, abused, neglected, handicapped children, enabling them to receive adequate education in caring surrounding
- ensuring cheap kinder-gardens, preschool cares, and all the alternative child caring centers where mothers will be able to leave kids under supervision while they work
- establishing a firm economical basis for bringing up kids so that mothers and children will not lack anything for fulfillment of their basic needs
- creating an overall atmosphere of POSITIVE relation towards life in which a man and a woman will equally take responsibility for the consequences

Solving the above problems or having concrete plans, means having a good state policy that will eventually decrease the number of abortions without making an unfair and discriminative law. Fair birthrate policy must take into the account all of the above. Yes, that requires more KNOWLEDGE, more CREATIVE INITIATIVE and REDIRECTION OF FUNDS which will be a bit more complicated than shouting out the slogans and seducing masses with empty but earsplitting phrases. But not one slogan ever fed a hungry stomach.

Be careful of the slogans you hear, no matter how truthfully they might sound at first hearing. If you don't hear that somebody shouting them has a concrete suggestion and a plan for all of the above problems, do NOT believe in his/her sweet talk.

Before you choose the side, ASK THEM what is going to be with the RIGHTS of the unborn they defend so wholeheartedly, tomorrow when they come to this world and when they will demand food, clothes, education, care, upbringing, finances that will be needed for the next 18 years, at least. ASK THEM if they have a well-thought system of help to the mothers about whose bodies they decide so self-righteously. They will be able to give concrete suggestions only if they are not using or abusing this very sensitive subject as an issue for gathering political points or compensating for some personal frustrations.

Fight for the RIGHT to choose of everybody over anything because, no matter what is your personal belief or choice, each of us has RIGHT to live according to his/her own beliefs and nobody has right to make laws out of his/her own and force them upon the whole society. After all, we all bear alone the consequences of our choices.

(c) NS

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