Never Born Sorrow

No need for love to say I’m sorry,
a touch,
a look,
a smile will suffice.
Yesterday’s pain
and today’s laughter
tomorrow will fade away.
Memories without places,
faces with no tear,
I dream, I wish
you were still here.

Why are you gone?
My hug was to weak,
or the wind was too strong?
Find the road back to my arms
they embrace the empty air
that had your shape once.
The shadows can walk and
talk in whispers
climb the walls.
Listen to their calls,
you’ll hear the silence
of things once true
echoing your feelings

The chains of hearts
are heavier than iron,
last longer and never decay.
Cut them loose and
your heart dies too
while the last beat
slowly fades away.

Freedom celebrated
in lonely nights
is a prison cell.
There is no exit,
no entrance door,
the Aquarium of Hell!

Why to remember?
I am still yours;
a beam of moonshine,
a glimpse of a star,
a mirror of a rose.
And a promise
of our past lives sworn,
that your sorrows
will never be born.

copyright - Marigold